Musings of a creative inspired by the rural landscape

Upcoming Exhibitions

SHIM Eco x URSA Gallery, Bridgeport, Connecticut, October 2, 2021

Shim ECO is a group under Shim Art Network that functions as an extensive matrix of motley islands that connect artists, collectors, writers, philosophers, creators of all types, scientists, galleries and public places around the world to share information and creations whose central concern are climate change, environment and social justice. Shim ECO is an open-sourced platform with a non-hierarchical structure. Each individual can suggest or develop initiatives with the support and help of other members. It is an entrepreneurial laboratory with a self-funded base that can open up to sponsors in accordance with the group’s philosophy.

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The Team

SHIM Eco Curators: Hannah Hardenbergh, Courtney King, Alexandra Mas, Sarah Olson, Marco Tassini